If your wood fire isn’t heating your whole home effectively then Turboheat is the answer for you. Turboheat could be retrofitted to your wood heater providing you the best ducted heating on the market.

Retrofit, is when you install a Turboheat system to an existing installed compliant solid fuel heater already, in the home.

The requirements for this to happen are:

  • The Solid fuel heater must be compliant, to up to date standards and regulations for the Wood heating industry.
  • A Licensed Tradesman must install the Turboheat system, who has the correct license/qualification with installing solid fuel heaters, in the relevant Country/State/Region. This is to protect you the client from unqualified/unskilled installers.
  • The Turboheat system can only be adapted to solid fuel heaters with a 6″ (155mm) flue attachment. It cannot be modified, unless it is done so by Turboheat directly, and hold the right of refusal, if any foreseeable risks arise in planning.
  • Turboheat can not be installed in existing brick chimneys.
  • All Turboheat Inbuilt heaters have a specially designed cavity to suit the Turboheat system and its requirements.

Retrofit can be a cheaper alternative, to purchasing a Turboheat system. If you don’t need to replace the existing solid fuel heater why would you? Many of our clients use this avenue to improve their heating capacity and make the most out of what they already have installed. Transforming an under performing system and upgrading it to a more modern, compliant system is always beneficial to the home. Contact the Turboheat team to see if  your Solid fuel heater meets the AUS/NZL Standards of emission and safety. We do have a range of heaters which we recommend if you need to purchase a solid fuel heater.

Many heaters can look good but there could be underlying issues that are hard to foresee, so always seek professional advice. Its not always the age of the solid fuel heater that could be the issue, it could be the way it was manufactured, the way it has been used, even the wood used can all have a telling effect, on the current condition of your solid fuel heater. Please seek professional advice to see if your solid fuel heater is acceptable to use.

You can also connect into pre-existing ducting, depending on the condition, sizing and layout. Please seek professional advice on the requirements for this to happen, from an experienced Turboheat installer.