Off Grid

Off Grid or Sustainable homes is a popular market for Turboheat.

With the innovation of off grid living becoming the future of building, it is a fantastic way of keeping everyday costs down. More money in your pocket not the utilities pockets. When planning your off grid build you need to keep in mind the power consumption from all of your appliances running at the similar times. Turboheatʼs economical heating system uses a low power consumption of 180- 350 watts per hour with a max draw of only 4 amps. Whilst its running draw is only 2 amps per hour. All this and we haven’t even mentioned that its the only sustainable ducted heating option available on the market, for off grid living.

The more popular refrigeration reverse cycled systems, also known as heat pumps, use far to much power for the common off grid Solar power supply. The only other ducted system to look at is gas ducted heating, off a bottled Gas supply. This has enormous ongoing costs and is very expensive to set up.  The options narrow down, and to combat the heating issues, many resort to expensive inclusions in the build to retain heat inside, like double glazing, high rated insulation in walls and roof or the orientation of the home to maximize capturing as much natural heat as possible. These things are all good alternatives but essentially you need to produce heat to retain it.

More common than not, they are left with getting multiple solid fuel heaters to try and warm their home, which is inefficient, ineffective and labor intensive. Those lucky enough to only have 1 solid fuel heater still face the issues of having warmer living areas and cooler bedrooms, along with the frustration that the whole house can not be used in the same way in winter, as in the warmer summer months. eg. Closing doors to stop the cold draughts, and not being able to use parts of the home because its simply to cold.

Turboheat distributes the heat around the home evenly and effectively. The heat produced through the Turboheat system adds an extra 30% in the heaters capacity for performance. It adds 15% improvement in efficiency of the fuel consumption. Also what is a massive improvement is the reduction of up to 70% in the solid fuel heaters emissions. This makes Turboheat the biggest improvement for reducing emissions for the solid fuel heating industry, since the introduction of the steel fire box and moving away from open fire places. We are super proud of this achievement which has taken our team many years to engineer and design.

Turboheat is the best option for these clients because of these facts:

  • You actually have another choice!
  • Only 1 solid fuel heater is needed to heat the whole home.
  • Turboheat is a quick responsive heating system, that can start to heat the whole home evenly with in minutes of starting. The fan will start distributing heat around the home within 30 minutes, at an elevated temperature of over 36 degrees for periods of time needed, depending on how well you light the fire.
  • Our fan technology is far superior then most on the market, with a high performance fan in Air Flow (up to 800 L/Sec). Which has a incredible low consumption of power (2 amps). By using EMC fan technology it makes our fan up to 86% efficient, compared to common fans of the same capacity at inefficient ratings of 60-70%. Also, this is the only power consumption in our system. Making it very compatible to off grid systems.
  • 350 watt Fan capacity.
  • Max start up amp draw 4 amps.
  • Run amp draw of below 2 amps @ periodic intervals when in use, due to thermostatic control of the heat pumping scenario that takes place.
  • Reduction of emissions up to 70%.
  • Uses a renewable fuel source.
  • Very low carbon footprint.
  • New fan technology to maximize efficiency and lessen emissions.