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Heating your home with ease

Award winning heating innovation Turboheat has the ability to heat over 36 squares comfortably. We have units heating  34 squares and 46 squares plus, proving that you can heat all types of configurations of homes without losing the ability to evenly heat throughout your home.

Turboheat is a patented heating system using the excess radiant heat from the active flue pipe to heat the air and distribute  it throughout your whole home.

It is designed for durability and longevity, functionality and safety in full compliance with regulatory requirements. (AS/NZS appendix F 2918 and AS/NZS 4012/4013 2014)

The Turboheat system is made to resist high temperatures and has total thermal insulation for protection against high temperature outer surfaces. The main flue exchanger is made of the highest grade stainless steel 316/304 which extends the length of the flue and through the ceiling and roof all the way to the cowl.  Turboheat has a specially designed and engineered electronic control unit. This diagnoses both heat and air temperature for ease of operation enabling you to maintain the heat and air at specific comfortable temperatures and flows.

This concept also communicates to the innovative fan system which maintains a constant heat being pumped throughout the home.  The Turboheat fan system is ‘state of the art’ and provides a 90% power efficiency to that of a standard fan system of 60%-70%.  This enables a huge 800litres/sec air movement through 8-12 outlets.  The performance capability of Turboheat stands it apart from any competition.  This fan system is so power efficient that the design complements those homes which are using solar or wind technologies. Again, setting Turboheat apart from all the rest.