How Turboheat Works

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What is Turboheat?

Turboheat is a ducted fluing system. Turboheat captures the un-used heat which is generated off the flue pipe and heater then ducts it throughtout your home.

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Advantages of Turboheat

Save money on running costs
Here is a comparison between all the heating devices on the market. Turboheat’s hourly running cost is so much cheaper than any other appliance on the market.
Less Emissions
Turboheat is regulated so that the active flue outer surface temp does not drop below 120 degrees Celsius. The flue stays hotter to allow secondary combustion of pm10 (emissions). Recent tests show that the turboheat system increased the heater capacity by 30%. With a hotter wood heater and flue pipe lesser emissions are produced.
Temperature range
Turboheats average temperature ranges between 35 degrees 41degrees celsius over 45 minutes on a high burn.
Air Circulation
There is a function to operate the fan only from Turboheat when the fire is not going. This enables the user to take the air from the room, and transfer that air to the other areas of the home. Just like ceiling fans would do. This function is standard on Turboheat, so there is no extra cost for that function.
Hot water
Depending on what heater you buy, hot water can be ran through a hot water jacket on the heater system.
Brick Chimney
Turboheat doesn’t go into an existing brick chimney. All turboheat inbuilt are purposely made to allow the extra room needed for the turboheat system.
All ducting used for turboheat system is R1 or R1.5. Turboheat can supply up to 14 outlet. We recommend between 8 – 12 vents in most houses. Turboheat can be zoned if needed.
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