A: No. Our system has a minimum air movement capacity for both the safety of the fan and the Turboheat unit itself.

The minimum requirement is either, 4 x 250mm outlets, or 6 x 200mm outlets.

250mm outlets are not recommended in room sizes less than 4m x 4m due to the volume and velocity of the airflow. The more dispersion of heat via the duct outlets, the more efficient and comfortable the home will feel.
A: Turboheat is a heat exchanger system with an inbuilt flue that vents the smoke from inside the firebox outside the home, safely. The heat exchange part of the system starts on top of the wood heater and encases the active flue pipe. It’s diameter is larger and it is specifically designed for functionality, durability and safety. Like an oven, Turboheat’s heat exchange system is made with twin skins that have a high temperature resistance, thermal insulation material between them. The heat exchanger is the same shape as a flue but made out of high quality 316/304 grade stainless steel both inside and outside. The heat exchanger extends the length of the flue and penetrates the ceiling. Once it penetrates the ceiling, a specially designed “T” section (also Insulated) with a heat control box attached to the front of the “T”. The heat control unit is constantly diagnosing the heat and air temperatures for operation. This is keeping the heat and air at specific temperatures for heating function and standard flue emission function. It also communicates to the innovative fan system for operation, maintaining great useable heat that is pumped throughout the home. The innovative fan system is electronically modulated and controlled for precise function. We use the latest in technology for fan designs. Our fan is state of the art in power consumption versus capacity, and is over 90% power efficient, compared to standard fan comparisons of 60-70% power efficiency. With a huge 800 litre/sec air movement but using only 315 watt power consumption, it stands above its competitors by along way. We have designed this fan specifically for those who are power self sufficient with solar or wind technologies (off grid) and because of its lower power consumption it is more economical to operate and leaves a lower carbon footprint.
A: How much space do we need up in the roof?
A: Max power consumption is 315watts @ 100% fan speed with a 2 AMP max draw. Most jobs only require 60-80% fan speed, or 60-80% of power consumption.
A: All components from the top of the heater to the cowl.

The standard Turboheat kit comprises of the following;

1) Turboheat’s Heat exchange unit which incorporates the flue components. This is 3m in length (standard) which is not a fixed length. It can be custom built per job. Also an extra1.8m of standard triple skin flues, roof penetration seal and an anti-backdraft cowl. Giving a total of 4.8m approximate of combined flue length.

2) The Heat control unit

3) Fan unit.

Ducting and extra lengths are priced separately.
A: Freestanding wood heaters are our preferred, and most effective option, especially 6” flue units. We also have a recommended list of preferred wood heaters which have been tested for safety, performance and efficiency with our Turboheat Testing Facility. We also recommend using only compliant (and certified to relevant standards), wood heaters.

Brick chimneys are a definite No, for many reasons. Safety and operational reasons are the main concerns.

Also zero clearance options are limited to just a few wood heaters that comply with Turboheat’s strict safety guidelines and recommendations. Inbuilt wood heaters MUST use only non-combustible materials and be built according to standards relevant for the state or region. Please seek the regulations before purchasing any components and make sure that what is being built is compliant and safe.
A: Yes it can be Zoned using industry standard zoning systems from HVAC suppliers or Turboheat. These zoning systems can be obtained through HVAC suppliers or Turboheat, and come at an extra cost.
A: No our system isn’t just an attachment to the flue, nor is it just a normal flue system. The Active flue does the same function in venting the smoke to outside safely. The Turboheat active Flue pipe is a thicker Stainless steel pipe and if joined, it is joined with specially designed clamps to secure no smoke can enter into the heat exchange
part of the system.
A: Yes we do please contact us to discuss, we offer very competitive prices on finance.

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