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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many layers/skins are in the Turboheat flue?  

  • Turboheat has triple skin flues through every penetration. This ensures that it is made to comply with the AU/NZL 2918 standards.

Turboheat is an ‘award winning’, Product.

  • Bendigo inventors awards.   Won the best established invention. (We were against all prior inventions till 2010)

As the system extracts heat from the flue, is there an increase in creosote buildup in the flue.

  • Turboheat flue burns hotter then a standard flue which in turn causes no creosote build up.
  • During the testing phase turboheat did drop the emission slightly because the flue pipe did burn at a hotter rate.

Does Turboheat effect the performance of the wood heater.

  •  Turboheat increased the performance of the wood heater.  Through the testing it increased the wood heaters heating capacity by 30%.

Our property is off grid and relies on battery storage for power, are you able to provide the power consumption specifications for the fan/controller?  

  • The power consumption for the fan at 100% speed is 318 watts.  most turboheat systems run at around 70% = 222.6 watts.
  • On average the turboheat system will run for 45 mins then turn off for 60 mins on low burn.
  • Turboheat on high burn with 10kg of wood. Standard generic heater 65% efficiency. kindling to completely burnt out.  5 1/2 hours of burning.  Turboheat ran for 70% of that time with an average of 36 degrees out the vent.

Are there alternative fan options?

  • We haven’t came across any others that can handle the heat of the turboheat system.
  • – In your opinion, why is a Turboheat system a better choice than your competitors or a simple heat transfer system?  Turboheat is the best system because it actually heats up the cold air.
  • Air transfer systems don’t heat up air
  • Turboheat’s recirculation process is what heats your house.
  • Turboheat heats the air then ducts to every part of your home.
  • The ideal home temperature is around 21-22 degrees. You can always go hotter if you like.

Comparing ducted heating systems.

  • When gas or reverse cycle turn off the house will immediately start to cool down.
  • The beauty of turboheat is that when it turns off, you still have a heating device going and thats your wood heater.  This stops the home from cooling down to fast.
  • Turboheat is better for your health.
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