Best Investment

Not just heating but "INVESTING"

The choice isn’t just about heating your whole home evenly. Turboheat is a great investment for not just your home but also your health and lifestyle and bank balance, when choosing a heating system what are the main factors that drive your purchase?

Is it just about heating?
Is it about a Quality product that adds value to your home and lifestyle?
Is it about having a feature product that has an X Factor about it and is a talking point with friends and family?
Is it simple and basic to use?
Is it supporting local business and Australian made products?
Is it about being Environmentally conscious and choosing alternative products that lessen your carbon footprint?
Is it about living off grid and having a choice of heating?
Is it about making the most of a product and using it to its full potential?
Is it about saving money or in particular disposable income on Electricity or gas bills?
Is it enjoying the great outdoors with your kids collecting wood or doing things with your teenagers like chopping wood and spending time with them?
Or is it all of the above?

Turboheat solves every single one of them, this is why you would choose Turboheat. “It is more than heating it is an investment”.

Many people look at the outlay and if there is a  payback and whether it will be quick or lengthy.  No other ducted heating system actually gives you a pay back from the initial outlay, and all have a substantial on going cost to operate.  Turboheat however saves you money in comparison to the operation of the other systems, which in turns saves you money, providing a payback scenario if they choose Turboheat, and still having all the comforts of living with a warm home.

When comparing Turboheat to other systems, lets say to a heat pump(Refrigerated A/C) and use of solar panels connected to the grid to reduce the operation costs, one has to look at how much power is generated through the winter months to operate their heat pump (Refrigerated A/C) units. In the summer the solar can help keep the running costs down for cooling but in winter its a different story due to lack of solar exposure.  Many existing clients of Heat pumps (Refrigerated A/C) can have horrendous operational costs. They come to us to help solve their problem for the heating costs during the winter months by purchasing a Turboheat package.  Our system can be much cheaper to operate and can sometimes utilize the same ductwork in the ceiling, also giving them the equivalent or superior comfort in their home during winter months. 

Turboheat provides a WOW factor or X factor because you can package it up with a beautiful elegant Solid fuel heater and really make it a feature of your home, increasing the value of it dramatically. This can be a talking point for guests and very attractive for potential buyers of your home if wanting to sell later on, as we have heard from existing clients who have moved on and sold their homes over the years.

Turboheat is environmentally conscious and really takes it seriously, solid fuel heaters are still one of few renewable energy systems on the market, and Turboheat recognizes that.  By incorporating some of the smartest technology on the market in fan designs and operations, we still want our system to stay true to minimizing environmental impacts. Using high efficient power consumption technology to operate the fan using EMC technology reduces green house emissions in comparison to other ducted systems on the market. It doesn't stop there over the years of engineering and developing our system we learnt by heat banking through the Turboheat system we could  reduce running times of the fan by use of low energy consumption thermistors to also reduce power consumption. By doing this heat banking process we also learnt the solid fuel heaters active flue could operate at high burning temperatures, resulting in longer secondary burns of the PM10 in the flue lowering the appliances PM10 emission's by up to 70%, this also impacts on lower green house emission's and lower smoke emission's directly from the solid fuel heater.  All this and still having optimal functionality, we stand apart from many other systems in reduced environmental impacts.

Turboheat’s smart technology keeps your whole house at a warm temperature as long as a fire is going. Turboheat’s intermittent temperature control turns the system on and off according to the flue temperature.

Unlike Turboheat’s competitors when the Turboheat system turns off we still have the added heating of the wood fire burning leaving the house consistently warm. Other central heating systems turn off but have no other heat source, causing the home to drop temperature dramatically. The fluctuation of the hot and cold temperatures can be uncomfortable in the home and towards your health.