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How it works

Turboheat is a unique ducted heating system from a solid fuel heater.

The patented system captures the excess radiant heat from the outside of the active flue to heat up the Turboheat heat exchanger. This is then distributed around your home through outlets in the rooms with the use of our quiet, energy-efficient fan.

There is a touchscreen wall-control unit which is normally left in the auto mode. As the heat exchanger warms to a pre-selected setting, the fan starts running, and shuts off again as the air cools. The frequency of this cycle (and temperature of your house) is determined by how hot you have your fire running.

We have two options depending on the size of your home, the Mini package (4-6 outlets for up to 180 sq metre home) and the Large package (12-14 outlets for up to 350 sq metre home)

You can have the flue and heat exchanger installed onto your existing wood burner, so long as it fits a standard 6 inch flue.

The unit can be installed by any plumber that installs solid fuel heating appliances, and the ducting can be sourced and installed by an HVAC technician. We are able to provide technical guidance to tradespeople as required.

This is the ideal system for those who are living off-grid, rurally or sick of huge winter power bills.

Contact us today by filling out the information on the link below and someone will be in touch to discuss whether Turboheat is right for you!