This is Australia’s first ever Central Ducted Woodfire Heating System

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Turboheat uses the combustion process of a wood fire to heat up the flue pipe and heat exchanger. The radiant heat from the flue pipe is then captured and ducted evenly throughout your entire home.
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Comfort is the key

Why settle to be cold and uncomfortable in your own home?

  • Turboheats wood heating emits less greenhouse gases than any other forms of heating.
  • Turboheat delivers the lowest cost energy for home heating.
  • Why try and heat 1 room when you can heat your whole house for no extra cost.
  • There is no other product on the market like this.

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Features of Turboheat

Turboheat is a Central ducted heating unit
Why turboheat stays hotter longer.
When turboheat turns off it wont cool your house down straight away like every other device does. The reason for this is that there still is a wood fire burning.
Turboheat is eco friendly
Why wood heating is good heating
Environmental benefits
Firewood is a sustainable source of energy
Wood heaters deliver the lowest cost energy for home heating
Wood heating emits less Greenhouse Gases than other forms of home heating
Turboheat is user friendly
Automated and thermostatically controlled
Turboheat is simple to use it is thermostatically controlled, all you have to do is put wood into the fire place when needed, after that sit back end enjoy the warmth of your whole home.
Turboheat is cheaper to use
Cost effective form of heating
Provides ambiance to the home
Heats the whole house
Provides a place for the family to gather
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Benefits of Turboheat

Lowest Running Costs
It is the cheapest form of central heating on the market.
Smart home ready
The best part about turboheat is that it automatically starts up and shuts down according to the heat. The fan also speeds up and slows down according to the heat output.
Auto Controlled System
Turboheat is automatically controlled. Just push the Auto button and it will do the rest. The user only has to put wood into the firebox.
Combined Ducted Heating
Turboheat has combined ducted heating and a wood fire. A fireplace burning will always provide heat. The turboheat system will automatically duct this heat around the home

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